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Pool rules

These are the rules of the Westin pool.   No running. All persons shall bathe with warm water and soap before entering pool. Any person known or suspected of having a communicable disease shall not us the pool. Spitting or blowing the nose is prohibited while using the pool. Do not use while under the […]

Lunchtime amortization.

I dreamed that I did some service. Except I didn’t actually dream about doing the service I dreamed about standing in line after having done the service to get some food. It was a loooooong line. This was a very popular service project or possibly a very popular after service project lunch. Even though the […]


Mallory recently learned how to do a crazy cat face. It is really great in real life because her tongue lolls around and her eyes go cross eyed and the rest of her expression stays perfectly the same. It isn’t quite the same in static image form but it is still pretty good stuff.

That guy.

I was at Walmart and I had this vision. This vision of being that guy. That guy you go to when nothing is going right and you feel terrible and you tell him all your troubles and he sort of leans to the side and half smiles and pulls a butterscotch hard candy out of […]

Not quite Ethiopian skinny!

Do you know what size you are?┬áIt turns out that I’m not as skinny as I thought! Here is where I rank in the list of average BMIs by country. I guess I’m still pretty skinny.

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