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Monthly Archives: June 2011

A short-sighted dinosaur.

Hot time.

It took me about four minutes and my car screeched like a wounded velociraptor as I cranked the steering wheel back and forth, but I think it’s official. I am a parallel parking master.

I dreamed a dream.

This morning I had a dream that a bunch of family and friends came to celebrate something with me. Maybe a graduation, I don’t know. It was nice except everybody up and left about five minutes after they arrived. I am pretty sure it was because I hadn’t vacuumed. Delicious snacks and delightful company were […]

Sometimes I think.

When I do push-ups my arms and my chest get sore, but not nearly as much when I do pull-ups.  I’m thinking that this has got to mean that pull-ups will make me buffer faster. Does every bird get its own nest? I can’t imagine that they do. I just don’t see enough nests. I […]

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