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Monthly Archives: December 2010


English has plenty of suffixes and prefixes and, of course, we’re all familiar with them.  At the very least, we use them all the time.  A prefix comes before a word (like undo, or inspirational) and a suffix comes after a word (as in hotness, or cheeseburger).  Boring, right? Here is something cool though: English […]

In which I feel like a creep.

I was chitchatting with a friend a while back and we talked about proper attire for ladies in the gym at BYU.  I told her about a girl at the gym that wore a shirt with a huge neck that kept slipping off of one or the other of her shoulders and how it made […]


I’ve discovered a new game! To play you need to be walking in a corridor, or something like a corridor.  You don’t need walls along the corridor as long as there is something else that blocks people from going off of it like a street or even grass.  The corridor also can’t be too crowded. […]

Addled by Australia.

For Christmas I made a puzzle for my friend Kelli!  She is serving a mission in Australia.  The nice thing about making a gift for a missionary is that you can totally show it off on the Internet without worrying about ruining the surprise. There are ninety-eight pieces! I think. Maybe there are only ninety-six. […]


I have noticed that some people are not as tall as I think that they must be.  It has something to do with age though it also has to do with folk looking like people I knew when I myself was quite short.  The gist is that people that seem older than me also sometimes […]

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