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Monthly Archives: January 2008

First Date

Just a simple question guys. Don’t read anything into it.

Maybe he is loneliest.

I think I like best that you can’t really tell if he is more confused, sad or angry as he makes his question. In any case he’ll not much like the answer.

Things you shouldn’t be knowing.

Toadlings. Toadlings are, if we may be permitted the luxury of freely speaking our mind, probably the most disgustingly awesome creatures in existence. Part toad, part something else, they dominate the pond ecosystem usually by speaking loudly and rapidly about things that most others can only comfortably speak quietly and slowly about. Favored topics include, […]

Well. Huh.

It just might be one of those days? (It is sometimes hard to tell.)

One Snark Down

Somebody forgot to bring the chips.

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