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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Another game. This one is also new.

Hey everybody! What it do? Here is another new game that pleases me very much. Mostly because I so often find myself accidentally playing. Shall I explain how to play? I think I shall. 1. Wait for somebody to ask you a question.2. Consider their question carefully.3. Answer another unrelated question.4. Repeat. This works best […]

A new game.

Okay. This is the game. I came up with it while I was walking down a crowded corridor at school. I shall explain how to play. 1. Walk down a crowded corridor.2. Glare angrily into the middle distance.3. No, but really, you have to look like you are SUPER mad.4. Maybe mutter a little bit […]

Please note.

I found the following in a text file labeled “Idiocy” on my USB drive. I guess I wasn’t feeling too keen on studying for a history exam. Joshua Lutes22 May 2008An Inverted Look at History?As we analyze the upcoming elections and realize that they are full of bunk, we can’t help but be concerned with […]

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