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Tetrinophilus 2017

I rewrote the Tetris clone I originally wrote in 2007! The old one was written in Java and for a good long while now hasn’t run in the web browser. So I rewrote the code in TypeScript and refactored it quite a bit (though not as much as I probably should’ve). It’s neat seeing the […]

Stick it to me

Mallory and I drew each other while we were at the beach.

My Bonnie lyrics contest 2014

Two years ago at the beach we had a lyrics contest. The winner got a big ol’ box of coins.   My Bonnie she loves her Pilates She wants to do 100s each day My Bonnie works hard at Pilates She reaches her toes all the way Pilates, Pilates oh she loves to do it […]

Email ethics.

Subject: Uber to and From SeaTac Airport From: Strohm The last time I used Uber to get to SeaTac airport, it cost $25. That’s fine, but when I went to return, the app told me I couldn’t use UberX and I had to use Uber SUV and the fee was $100 (including tip). It turns […]

Mouse, Owl, and Wolf

I must’ve been twelve or thirteen when I wrote this. Judging by the handwriting, and not the weird stains.

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