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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Things I learned today.

There are three different ways to say “and others” in Latin: et alii (masculine plural), et aliae (feminine plural) and et alia (neuter plural). I always just used et alia, which is always safe, I guess, but now I can be annoyingly specific! (Ashleigh, Andrew, et aliae.) An atoll is a coral island that surrounds […]

Crossword Challenge 2012.

This year’s Crossword Challenge¬†occurred¬†on Saturday, the fourth of August and had five contestants: Andrew, Ashleigh, Joshua, Emily and Bonnie. Lutes, Lutes, Lutes, Robertson and Lutes, respectively. Bonnie Wonnie was the most reluctant to participate and spent most of the week preceding the Challenge insisting that she wouldn’t participate because it made her too nervous and […]

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