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Monthly Archives: November 2011

An erudite explanation of English.

If two men are close enough that they feel comfortable giving each other a chest bump, then they are buddies. If they are in the locker room and don’t got shirts on when they chest bump, then they are bosom buddies. If two women are close enough that they feel comfortable giving each other a […]

Cherry Lemonade

The last Monday of November is when people usually talk about the things that make them happy so here are some of the things that make me happy. Mallory Jan. Spending a really great Thanksgiving with my family in California. Playing “Just Dance 2” on the Wii with Ashleigh and Raymond. Especially when Ashleigh quickly cocked […]

Surreptitious observations.

Sometimes when I go into the bathroom at work I can tell who is sitting on the toilet because the person laboring in the stall has their name badge clipped to their pants and their pants around their ankles.  I’ve thought that this is pretty funny because it makes the situation a lot less private […]

Strawberry lemonade.

Today is a good day for things that make me happy. I am maybe going to get laser vision on the second of December. In just four days I will hang out with my beautiful sister Emily and her delightful family. In just nine days I am going to visit California and have a real […]

The Great Salt Lake.

Mallory wrote about the our Great Salt Lake adventure (2.0) on her blog but she failed to mention the brine shrimp. Rather than accept her revisionist view of history I am taking matters into my own hands and setting the record straight with this incredibly accurate illustration. You’re welcome, future generations.

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