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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Please explain.

Pretending to not know things that everybody knows is a fun game that is super easy to play.  You just feign a lack of knowledge and keep a straight face.  Eventually you let on that you knew all along what they were talking about, which will put them at ease since normal folk don’t like […]

Bush & Obama.

Apparently the United States has spent around $1.2 trillion on war since 2001.  The estimated cost of building a space elevator is $10 billion and the estimated time is fifteen to twenty years.  We could already be well on our way to building a super sweet tether in the sky that would make trips to […]

I am not obsessed.

Listen, I recently registered the domain  Go ahead and click the hyperlink … you’ll just come right back here.  There is a good reason for this and the reason is not that I can’t stop thinking about poop.  It isn’t.  Okay?  Okay.  Now that I’ve convinced you that I’m not fixated on feces let […]

Sorry, past Joshuas.

Being an adult is pretty much a bajillion times better than being a kid.


I wanted to make a dinosaur puzzle but that seemed too boring.  So I thought to myself, what is more interesting than a dinosaur?  Clearly the answer is dinosaur bones. I was pretty pleased with the shape of the bones.  Almost all of them are actual, interlocking puzzle pieces.  Pretty astounding when you consider the […]

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