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Monthly Archives: July 2009


I made another puzzle. This time for my brother Andrew. Apparently he likes pandas? When I was making it Andrew would come outside to see what I was doing and to bring me sammiches and I would yell at him and tell him to go away and that nobody wanted him around. I figured that […]

Twenty-five pounds.

I had this thought while I was jogging. What if I were at the gym lifting weights? The weights I’d be lifting would, of course, be pretty small. Maybe two guys would walk up to me and insult the teeny tiny weights I’d be lifting. They might say something like, “I’ve only seen girls and […]


Classic, wooden jig saw puzzles are not made with jig saws. Whaaaat? I know. I’m as shocked as you. I guess a crude puzzle could be made with a jig saw, but if you want to make it like a professional you gots to have a scroll saw. I was inspired by the amazing puzzles […]

Commissioned art.

I asked Elizabeth to ask Rylee what I should draw. She said “Joshua” so I drew myself. It is only a sketch, but I think it captures the essence of Joshua. I think I probably need to work on drawing feet. It is hard when you’ve never seen them before. Link: The world would be […]

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