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Classic, wooden jig saw puzzles are not made with jig saws. Whaaaat? I know. I’m as shocked as you. I guess a crude puzzle could be made with a jig saw, but if you want to make it like a professional you gots to have a scroll saw.

I was inspired by the amazing puzzles that Chris Yates creates. He calls them “Bafflers” and they are pretty neat.

To this end two weeks ago I purchased a scroll saw. I would have to say that I am a pretty satisfied consumer. I made my very first finished puzzle for Erin’s birthday. It is a map of the United States of America! Hay! Lookit:

I know the western states pretty well (okay, the FAR western states) but the eastern states are mostly a messy hodge podge. Where does Georgia go? Really, who cares? Some of the states were too small to cut out, so I just mushed ’em together. That explains why New York is so impressive.

I really like the colorful splay here. This was really fun to make and playing with it for just a couple of days helped improve my geography skills a great deal. I know where the shapes go, though I don’t know their names. Eh.

Link: I’m a meat powered knitting machine.

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