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Monthly Archives: February 2011

For your itchy scriptures.

I made a web application, everybody!  It is called Scripture Scratcher! Let me explain.  I have been really getting into scripture study as of late.  Mostly so that I can sneer and self-righteously look down on folk that haven’t been really getting into scripture study of late.  Pearly gates, here I come. Anyway, a nice […]

Delicious tetrinominoes.

The Friday before Valentine’s day the Institute of Religion here in Seattle hosted an activity called the “Sweet Meet”.  Actually, owing to some stigma surrounding the event from its awfulness in recent years, it was officially known as “The Event Formerly Known as the Sweet Meet”.  Semantics. This is how it worked: the dudes brought […]

Pro tips (from a pro).

Watermelon juice is gross. If you purchase it you will shortly thereafter say to yourself, “I have recently made a bad decision.” You can’t cover up pimples with makeup and the result of attempting to do so is grosser than just leaving things be. Also, probably putting a load of makeup into your pores isn’t […]

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