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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Don’t test me, bro.

I loved┬áthat apple. I don’t feel nothing for you.

The road to hell.

I read this article about how if you write down plans of action for achieving your goals your likelihood of achieving them is much higher. The article calls them implementation intentions, which is sort of a mouthful. It is a good article though and you should totally read it. I’ll wait. Right, the article says […]

In which we rhyme.

Grimble gramble, groused the grue when tossling up it saw, A rare ragnunctious rander with kithering cole and slaw. Skipping and skapping the rander wrothe, noticing none the least, That every skap and every skip, did nearen him to the beast. That groutful grue with famping fangs and sheer unyielding kreel, Would feast once, twice, […]

Evil twin.

I decided yesterday that I’m going to teach myself to write and draw and use a mouse with my left hand. Surely it is possible to teach myself to be ambidextrous. Early attempts at writing and drawing are heartening. It feels like I am at the level of a first grader. The most aggravating thing […]

Ready to get ready for a half marathon.

Sometimes at work I have meetings. The highlighting comes later to give it a professional look.

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