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Monthly Archives: November 2010


I am a. I don’t mind that this is true generally. I just don’t like not knowing if the equation holds for a particular b of interest. Sometimes mathematics are the worst.


Apparently it can snow in places that aren’t Utah? Oh George, it looks so cold up there. A bunch of schools let out early and the UW library closed at five.  It really wasn’t that much snow, which makes me suspect that it isn’t a very common occurrence. It better not be.

Dinosaurs can be puzzling.

On the seventeenth of July I celebrated Dinosaur Day with Mallory. It was pretty epic.  We ate dinosaur nuggets and wore dinosaur shirts and watched a dinosaur movie and made dinosaur hoodies!  It was awesome.  Also!  Also, I made a dinosaur puzzle for Mallory!  Check out these pieces in this pretty awful bag I made […]

Bogo sort.

[I wrote this on the twenty-second of April, 2007.  Sorting algorithms were so magical back then.] “The Archetypical Perversely Awful Sorting Algorithm” Bogo sort is a wonderful sorting algorithm. It is, in sheer awesomeness, second to none. Allow me to explain. The algorithm for Bogo sort is described thusly: Imagine that you have a deck […]

A rose by any other name.

In Moroni 7:10-12 we get some good doctrine about how good isn’t going to come from evil source.  It is impossible for anything bad to come from God and for anything good to come from Satan. I used to read this as absolute.  If you are a bad person you do bad things.  If you […]

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