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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Love is an enigma.

I really love making puzzles.  At the beginning of the summer I made a pretty sweet puzzle for the girl I was dating. Here it is exploded. I don’t know why the speckled look is so appealing to me, but I love it!  The shape is kind of odd because I drew a pretty sketchy […]

Seattle Strangler.

The first time I saw this box I thought it said “the Strangler”.  It really looks like “the Strangler” in the orange circle, right?  From further away the black g on the white background plays the exact same trick. What a name for a newspaper.  I picked it up one time and it had uninteresting articles […]

I had a dream.

This morning after I got up I scribbled two notes to myself.  To remind me of my dreams.  Let me tell you about them, because that is always interesting. The first note says “Catballs tyler mal breanna”. I was outside the Tyler Mall on the side next to the freeway and Barnes & Noble.  For […]

Priesthood power in the home.

We went over Elder Packer’s conference talk, Cleansing the Inner Vessel, today in my teachings of the living prophets class.  I really love that class and I really love this talk. I guess there was some anger about the talk because one comment he makes implies that homosexuality is a temptation that can be dealt […]

Here he comes again.

On Friday I decided that I would take my camera with me so that I could maybe document the beautiful trees and squirrels and other random things that hang about Seattle. Thursday was beautiful with a lot of sun and bright blue, clear skies and even though I figured that Friday would be much less […]

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