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Tetrinophilus 2017

I rewrote the Tetris clone I originally wrote in 2007! The old one was written in Java and for a good long while now hasn’t run in the web browser. So I rewrote the code in TypeScript and refactored it quite a bit (though not as much as I probably should’ve). It’s neat seeing the best work I did ten years ago and being able to improve upon it a lot. I’m excited to see how much better I can make things in 2027.

See the code and write up here.

Play the game here. A and S to rotate, SPACE to pause, LEFT and RIGHT and DOWN arrows to move … left and right and down, and UP to move all the way down.

Stick it to me

Mallory and I drew each other while we were at the beach.

Mallory in a skeleton swamsuit thinks about toots while Joshua smirks at a snail.

My Bonnie lyrics contest 2014

Two years ago at the beach we had a lyrics contest. The winner got a big ol’ box of coins.


My Bonnie she loves her Pilates

She wants to do 100s each day

My Bonnie works hard at Pilates

She reaches her toes all the way

Pilates, Pilates oh she loves to do it each day a la

Pilates, Pilates oh she can do table top all day.

  • Erin


My bunny lives inside a mansion

My bunny makes lots of money

My bunny lives with a real old guy

But give back my bunny to me

She’s young, he’s old, but he owns a popular magazine

She’s hot, he’s not, oh give back my bunny to me!

  • Kefford


My Bonnie is inside the bathroom

She’s doing her puzzles and crosswords

She’s hiding from her crazy children

Sitting on her Royal Throne

Royal Throne, Royal Thone, Doing her puzzles and crosswords

Royal Throne, Royal Throne, Only play she can be left alone

  • Ashleigh






  • Alec


My Bonnie gets hives from her children,

Her children won’t leave her in peace,

My Bonnie gets hives from her children,

My Bonnie will itch ’til she bleeds.

She’ll itch, she’ll itch, my Bonnie will itch ’til she bleeds, she bleeds:

She’ll itch, she’ll itch, my Bonnie will itch ’til she bleeds.

  • Heather


My Bonnie likes to do crosswords

My Bonnie does crosswords for free

My Bonnie likes to do crosswords

Oh stop doing those crosswords for free!

Make them, make them, Make them pay you some cash, you see

It’s time, it’s time, To stop doing the crosswords for free

  • Elizabeth


My Bonnie texts while in the bathroom

She sends her deep thoughts from the loo.

My Bonnie’s phone fell in the toilet

Now what is my Bonnie to do.

Now what, now what, now what is my Bonnie to do, to do

Now what, now what, her phone is on top of a poo.

  • Joshua


And the winning entry:


My Bonnie is loved by her Jerry

He asked her to marry him thrice

She denied him and led in a hurry

She panicked and wrote him real nice

Miss you, love you, marry me and call me tonight, tonight

Miss you, love you, marry me and call me tonight.

  • Emily


9 weirdos hug a lady

Email ethics.

Subject: Uber to and From SeaTac Airport

From: Strohm

The last time I used Uber to get to SeaTac airport, it cost $25. That’s fine, but when I went to return, the app told me I couldn’t use UberX and I had to use Uber SUV and the fee was $100 (including tip). It turns out that you can’t use UberX to get a ride home from SeaTac. From Uber’s site:

uberX does not pick up at Sea-Tac and no flat rates are available for uberX.

I was considering taking the light rail to the Tukwila station and then requesting UberX from there. Has anyone tried that?


From: Charles

When I ran into this a few months ago, I did some research afterwards. There’s a limitation on car services such that you have to be a licensed chauffeur or something along those lines. It seems like a popular strategy is to move your pickup pin just outside of the airport, then telling the driver your actual location over the phone. I haven’t done this, so your mileage may vary.


From: Scot

Or take the very first hotel shuttle that comes by, and have Uber pick you up there.


From: Aaron



From: Matt

By ‘genius’ do you mean ‘arguably theft of services from the hotel’?


From: Pablo

But hotels are evil, so it’s ok.


From: Jennifer

For it to be considered theft of services, there would have to be a charge/fare that you are avoiding. You’re not, so it’s not a crime.


From: Alexis

So if something is ‘no additional charge’ it’s not theft to take it without paying for whatever its included with?

If I can find a way to “steal” access to Prime Instant Videos without stealing access to Prime itself, that’s not stealing, because there’s no charge for the thing I took?


From: Stevie

Is it stealing to watch commercial supported media with no intention of buying the advertised services?


From: William

Is it stealing to visit websites with no intention of buying the advertised services?


From: Joshua

Is it stealing to dig up Queen Victoria and pluck seven rubies from her crown since the only things the dead can possess are the bodies of the living?

Mouse, Owl, and Wolf

I must’ve been twelve or thirteen when I wrote this. Judging by the handwriting, and not the weird stains.

The owl swoops down on its prey, His eyes make little mousie stay. A wolf lurks nearby in the wood, But not to eat Miss Riding Hood. These next bits might make one scowl, The wolf jumped out upon the owl. But not before the owl bits, As mouse goes down he squirms, he fights. Chomp, chomp, chomp, there goes owls head, Just one more bite and then he's dead. Inside the owl appears a gulf, Mouse is now inside the wolf. Wolfie thinks it's rather fun, To have two meals instead of one.

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