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Monthly Archives: March 2010

What the aytch?

Google decided to stop supporting FTP through blogger.  Rather than submit to the humiliation of having a blogspot URL I decided to start using wordpress.  We’ll … we’ll see how this goes.

Yellow pixie.

This commercial just kills me. I don’t know if I believe the jibber jabber nonsense about yellow pixels, but George Takei’s reaction at the end is hilarious. I love the smile on his face at the end too. Oh gosh, guys. Isn’t that great? “Whoah! Ohhh myyyyy!”

Conversations with Andrew #2

Andrew: Hey, Soul Sister by Train. Joshua: Fag. Andrew: You like it. Homo. Joshua: Aw man. Some girl played it during sewing and then I hummed it later. I guess Train has three good songs now. Andrew: Haha. Sucker. I heard it on the radio. Joshua: Le sigh. Andrew: Haha. French fruitcake. Joshua: No nibbling. […]

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