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Another game. This one is also new.

Hey everybody! What it do?

Here is another new game that pleases me very much. Mostly because I so often find myself accidentally playing. Shall I explain how to play? I think I shall.

1. Wait for somebody to ask you a question.
2. Consider their question carefully.
3. Answer another unrelated question.
4. Repeat.

This works best in noisy environments, but it is easy to pretend like you misheard regardless of the ambient noise level.

Maybe you are asking how this game can possibly be fun? Well, last week in my weight lifting class a random tool said the following to the only girl in my weight lifting class: “I wish there were more girls in this class. Girls are so nice.” I had to move away and get a drink of water so that my laughter wouldn’t be obvious.

Link: Who would like to help me make a Pacman footrest?

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  1. ashleigh wrote:

    Yeah, I get it. Sometimes when I'm all alone I think monsters will eat my toes and then move on. I don't think they would like anything else.

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

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