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Lunchtime amortization.

I dreamed that I did some service. Except I didn’t actually dream about doing the service I dreamed about standing in line after having done the service to get some food. It was a loooooong line. This was a very popular service project or possibly a very popular after service project lunch.

Even though the line was so long, it moved very quickly. (I almost wrote “it moved quick”. That would’ve been embarrassing.) Also, nobody got mad when people got ahead in line. Probably because we had all just done some service and were feeling great. Also, the line was moving so fast that it didn’t really matter.

When we finally got to the end of the line we ended up at a little restaurant where we ordered from a menu and they took time to prepare the food.  I was confused. I had expected a long table with chips and hot dogs. Easily mass produced food. How did the line move so quickly if at the end of it was just one small restaurant with slow service?

The answer, of course, was time travel. The restaurant was serving everybody simultaneously by spreading them out across the next year. I thought that this was a rather clever way to deal with a sudden spike in demand without losing any business.

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