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I had a few thoughts.

  1. The word bajillion is a lot like the word infinity.  Both words mean something really, really impossibly huge that you haven’t a hope of every being able to get all the way through numbering.  However, the nice thing about bajillion is you can say nine bajillion or twenty-three bajillion or even forty million bajillion and two and they are all equivalently enormously large.  So next time somebody turns down your offer of a bajillion dollars try offering them two bajillion dollars.  If they accept then you win because they’ve revealed they aren’t really that good at math.
  2. Robots wouldn’t find standard “spot the difference” pictures to be very challenging since they’d be able to just scan them and then overlay them one atop the other and immediately be able to demonstrate the differences between the pictures to the pixel.  I thought, maybe you could make it interesting for them by modifying the color, slightly, of some of the pixels or, if the picture was a digital file, by only changing some bits around inside of the header.  Really though you’d only be able to get away with that once and then they’d know the trick.  I guess they’ll just have to have fun with their blamed sudokus.
  3. “We have enough experience under our belt that we’ve now got a wholly new direction” is a TOTALLY inappropriate sentence.  Please do not repeat it out loud.

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  1. Elizabeth wrote:

    I don’t even know what I am supposed to comment on. I think it is sad that nobody checks your blog anymore, but that is what happens when you decide to stop posting for three months. You have to let people ease back into trusting you and your postings. Who wants to start reading and then get hurt again by your huge lack of postiings? No sir, not I!

    Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 8:18 am | Permalink

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