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We’ll see TV.

There are comedic television shows that you should be watching so that you can be just like me (lovable Joshua).

  • Community – This is the best show on television.  If you do not watch it, you are not my friend.
  • 30Rock – Why do you tease me with your hotness, Tina Fey?
  • Outsourced – The characters are all Indian!
  • Modern Family – It isn’t the best, but the dad, Phil, is great.
  • The Big Bang Theory – Nerdy hilarity that manages to be good in spite of the laff track.
  • Raising Hope – Clueless white trash that all love each other and just try do good.  Laugh and feel good, right?

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  1. sassy mama wrote:

    I watch and love every single one of those shows also. Well except the last one I havnt watched that one yet. But to be fair I have ALOT of shows that I watch and i really need to put the remote down and pay more attention to my kids.

    Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 4:45 pm | Permalink

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