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Email ethics.

Subject: Uber to and From SeaTac Airport

From: Strohm

The last time I used Uber to get to SeaTac airport, it cost $25. That’s fine, but when I went to return, the app told me I couldn’t use UberX and I had to use Uber SUV and the fee was $100 (including tip). It turns out that you can’t use UberX to get a ride home from SeaTac. From Uber’s site:

uberX does not pick up at Sea-Tac and no flat rates are available for uberX.

I was considering taking the light rail to the Tukwila station and then requesting UberX from there. Has anyone tried that?


From: Charles

When I ran into this a few months ago, I did some research afterwards. There’s a limitation on car services such that you have to be a licensed chauffeur or something along those lines. It seems like a popular strategy is to move your pickup pin just outside of the airport, then telling the driver your actual location over the phone. I haven’t done this, so your mileage may vary.


From: Scot

Or take the very first hotel shuttle that comes by, and have Uber pick you up there.


From: Aaron



From: Matt

By ‘genius’ do you mean ‘arguably theft of services from the hotel’?


From: Pablo

But hotels are evil, so it’s ok.


From: Jennifer

For it to be considered theft of services, there would have to be a charge/fare that you are avoiding. You’re not, so it’s not a crime.


From: Alexis

So if something is ‘no additional charge’ it’s not theft to take it without paying for whatever its included with?

If I can find a way to “steal” access to Prime Instant Videos without stealing access to Prime itself, that’s not stealing, because there’s no charge for the thing I took?


From: Stevie

Is it stealing to watch commercial supported media with no intention of buying the advertised services?


From: William

Is it stealing to visit websites with no intention of buying the advertised services?


From: Joshua

Is it stealing to dig up Queen Victoria and pluck seven rubies from her crown since the only things the dead can possess are the bodies of the living?

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