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Alan Turing

I was inspired by Posterchild’s Alan Turing stencil to make one of my own.

Mr. Turing is, I guess, the father of computational theory. He came up with the concept of a theoretical machine capable of running an algorithm and defined what is computable. Something that is capable of emulating a Turing Machine is said to be Turing Complete. So, pretty much any modern computer is a Turing Machine. That is what you should probably call them from now on.

I made the stencil using Inkscape and a picture unearthed using Google’s image search.

The hardest part was getting all of the letters cut out. I tested it with green paint on a piece of paper to make sure it would look alright.

Here is the shirt post-stenciling. It looked pretty much the same before except it didn’t have a stencil on it. I got the shirt for a fat four dollars at WalMart.

Here am I wearing a shirt.

I am Turing Complete.

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