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Nothing to brag about.

Guess who participated in a 5K everybody!

Why, I did! Me! Lovable old Joshua! I ran in Midvale’s “Fun in the Sun Run”. It was pretty neato my friends.

I usually stretch for about twenty seconds before I go jogging, but I had thirty minutes to kill and everybody around me was stretching so I joined in and did some stretching as well.

There was a man telling everybody to stay to their right while jogging before we all began running. Somebody said, “What? Go towards the light?” Wiseacre.

Here I am beginning the race! Can you spot Joshua?

I found a nice, steady pace and kept at it through the entire race. I went faster than I ever have before and I suspect that the competition had something to do with that.

Men shouted out my time at the mile markers. The first guy shouted eight sixteen and the second guy shouted sixteen fifty. I wanted to shout, “No thanks, what else do you got?” I didn’t though because I didn’t think of it until about twelve hours after the race.

I was behind this lady for most of the race. She was crazy. She ran through sprinklers and had a man watering his lawn water her too even though it was ridiculously cold. Seriously though, I was sticking my hands into my armpits to warm them up.

Anyway, here I am smoking her and some old dude in the very last bit of the race. Notice the double thumbs up.

Can you believe how bored that guy in the chair looks? You can see the time. I’ll tell you that I got forty-first place. Not pictured is the eleven year old redheaded girl that totally beat me. I’m gonna say it was because she doesn’t have as much weight to carry around. I mean, I’m sure I’m a few pounds heavier than she is.

You didn’t know that they gave medals for forty-first place, did you? ACTUALLY, I got third place for my age group and gender. Yeah! I was lucky, really. The 25 to 29 group had about six guys that beat me. That ain’t gonna stop me from showing off my bronze bling, of course.

The best part? Running up to the finish line and seeing my little brother and my big sister and her family cheering for me! Andrew is a champ and I didn’t expect Emily to be there at all. She completely blew my mind guys! What a great family.

Well, anyway, the race was pretty darn fun. Maybe I’ll do it again sometime? Maybe!

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